Bringing the Inner Adventure Out

Reigniting your childhood memories, MesoSwap is here on Binance Smart Chain.

MesoSwap is a third generational yield farm on Binance Smart Chain which offers users a deflationary policy. This deflationary policy will contain the following:

  1. Anti Whale Transaction Limitation


We will be launching our $MESO token on the following dates:‌

Fair Launch: 25 May, 0200 GMT +1 (‌

Farming begins: 25 May, 1500 GMT+1‌

Token price: $2.50

Supply: 200


Information on the contract can be found below:‌

Token Address: 0xa5af6BB3F2aaC4975289B3F7b329c293D1209738‌

MasterChef: 0x591160b527dB78Cac0092a018BCF562df5Bff55b‌

Timelock: 0x8c4b959031D977b86AE48826FE4361a49cFe65DC


The initial emission rate will begin at 1 $MESO per block. This means that after every block, there will be 1 additional $MESO token in the supply, resulting in a rising supply.‌

To stop this exponential rise, we will be implementing an automatic feature that reduced the minting rate over a period of time.

Emission Reduction

As mentioned earlier, there will be an automatic feature that reduces the emission rate.‌

This will happen every 8 hours and the minting rate will be reduced by 5%. This will continue until the emission rate reaches 0.1 $MESO per block.‌

To find out more about how farming works, please head over to the following:

Trade Tax

Just like the original game, we will also be imposing a trade tax of 5% per transaction. This 5% will be split into 2 components, liquidity adding and burning to keep the overall supply low.‌

25% of the transfer tax will be burned automatically when performing a transaction. The remaining 75% will be converted into $MESO-BNB LP tokens, this way the liquidity of the $MESO pools will improve, reducing the slippage movement.

Anti Whale

To prevent unfair buying, we have decided to limit the maximum amount of $MESO transacted to be 0.5% of the total $MESO supply. This way, it will take some time for any individual to amass a huge amount of supply at a cheap price.


One can never forget about Henesys, the heart of the entire Maple world. With its renowned popularity, it offers a higher % as compared to other maps.‌



Remember being a Magician and farming at Ellinia? You can now stake on Ellinia and enjoy the high EXP, leveling up faster!‌


  1. MESO X20


To stay informed, make sure to follow all of our sites!‌







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